34 Things BIMA Participants Say Under Stress

Over the past week BIMA visual arts has been preparing for the final exhibition, and it has been a week full of stress, tears, and most of all, laughter.

Additionally, quite a few things have been said that would seem funny out of context, so I created this list to share with you.

List of things people have said under stress for the BIMA visual arts exhibition
(My reflection for the week: y’all are stressing me out)
Guess who said what!

1) “I’m going insane, I’ve been doing that a lot lately.”

2) “Where did my mitochondria go? No seriously, where did my mitochondria go?”

3) “I don’t like shoeeeessss.”

4) “That looks like a really deformed lemon.”

5) “A really, really messed up carrot-that’s what I’m going with.”

6) “Are you having hallucinations?” “Not yet”

7) “Your painting looks a bit like garlic bread”

8) “It looks like I just came out of the chimney”

9) “Kinda looks like Russia”

10) “Don’t cry!” “Shhhhhh”

11) “I’m a little teapot short and stout….”x500

12) “I’m going crazy” “I was literally born insane” “same”

13) “What’s going on, what are you doing to my baby, my babyyyyy”

14) “This glue is keeping my sanity together, but simultaneously tearing me apart״

15) “It’s freaking cold. Ducks say that all the time!”

16) “You’re arms are so big, you look like a man.”

17) “The subject has entered  the bathroom.”

18) Please walk your bike. “Whatever you say sign”

19) “Maybe I should start blowing up my brain.”

20) “I thought you said “there is clay in my butt”

21) “Your evil fairy is coming to bother you!”

22) “Come look at my baby! It’s gender neutral!”

23) “I played with modeling paste and made brains!”

24) “Oh no! I’m becoming an amputee!”

25) ”What do I do with this screw up right here… Also known as Greg.”

26) “We’ll name it baby harlot!” “My baby’s not a stripper!!!!!!” “Awwww is it our baby?”

27) “Is Wednesday a day?”

28) “At my wedding, I want Hannah to rap and Anat to beatbox.”

29) “How do you draw a mouth on a bird?” “You mean a beak?” “Oh I thought that was the nose!”

30) “Never before have I met someone who does art using basketball drills.”

31) “I really like this wall.”

32) “Oh no! I decapitated it again!”

33.) “This is such a fat baby.”

34.) “I’m sorry, I tried to draw you but instead I drew my dad.”


-Shira M. BIMA Visual Arts

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