Adapting to Brandeis, BIMA, and a New Home

At around two thirty on an afternoon at Brandeis University, Massell Quad hums with the quiet sounds of people enjoying the pleasant respite from the scorching heat that has taken up the past few days. The soft green of the trees above us creates a canopy of sparse shade, and the pond shimmers with the gentle breeze in the sunlight. People sit with guitars and clarinets and other instruments that I couldn’t name if I tried, and the layered melodies combined with the wind and sun creates a blissfully peaceful atmosphere.

A tour group slowly makes their way around the pond, the tour guide reciting facts about the campus I realize, with a jolt, I already know. Its funny how a place can change so much in your eyes in the course of two weeks. When I first got here, the Brandeis campus posed a challenge, a map full of places to get lost or mistakenly open doors not meant to be opened, but already, I see this place as somewhere familiar and comforting. Already, I pride myself on knowing what the tour guide describes.

We have been at BIMA/Genesis for two weeks now, and in what seems like such a short period of time, the friendships that have been formed are astoundingly close-knit and true. And the best part is– we aren’t finished yet! No doubt, in the following weeks, the relationships we have started will continue to thrive, and new connections will be made every day. The Brandeis campus, for me at least, has transformed from a daunting map to a home.

Gavi Klein,

Berkeley, CA

BIMA Creative Writing

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