App Design Boot Camp – Fablevision


This past week, App Design went on a field trip into Boston to visit Fablevision, a transmedia development studio. We had the opportunity to tour Fablevision’s office and learn about the company’s work, particularly the process to create a game. The participants had an exercise to interpret one of Fablevision’s game spec sheets– the description of what a particular section looks like and should do. They then played the actual game and compared it to the sketches they came up with.


After the tour the group split up to enjoy South Boston and to have dinner before returning to campus for the second class of the day. Later that evening we engaged in some group bonding, sharing something unique about ourselves or a fact we thought no one else in the room knew. There were some surprises that initiated many enthusiastic questions and discussions. Then, after learning what their app teams are, the participants split into their groups and competed against each other to see which group can solve a human knot the fastest.

With new information about the computer science world thanks to Fablevision, more knowledge from their classes, and closer friendships from group bonding, the participants headed to bed to rest until the next program-filled day at App Design.

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