App Design – Boston Scavenger Hunt

On Sunday the participants embarked on an epic app-themed scavenger hunt across Boston. Split into teams and handed a list, the participants completed a series of tasks ranging from Shazaming a song they heard in a restaurant to tweeting the dialogue of what they imagine birds saying to each other. They got to reenact a popular YouTube video and a quote from a film listed on Imdb.

Using Google Maps, they traveled to a Bostonian historic location and posted a photo of themselves, then found a Wikipedia article about the place. They videoed themselves performing a silly dance in public using Snapchat. Traveling to the Freedom Trail, they took a group selfie and published it on Instagram and finally interviewed a stranger using Voice Memos about how an app of his/her choosing has changed his/her life. Once they completed all the tasks the participants enjoyed the numerous events in Boston Commons including shows and carousel rides.


Once we all reunited, the group walked to Faneuil Hall to spend the rest of the day, strolling through shops, grabbing food, and enjoying some ice cream.

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