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About Brandeis Office of High School Programs

Brandeis High School Programs gives high school students the chance to explore and be challenged by new ideas, discover fresh forms of self-expression, and develop deep friendships on the campus of Brandeis University.

Friedrich Nietzsche and Dance Appreciation

Beginning a new project: Start with Choreography

Friedrich Nietzsche once said that “We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”  These past two weeks at BIMA Dance have taught me just that.

Having the opportunity to, everyday, express myself through movement, along with four of the most incredible dancers that I have ever met, has been an amazing experience. 

Each girl in the dance program comes from such different backgrounds that everyday brings new surprises and realizations about each other and the places we come from. 

I couldn’t imagine a better blend of Judaism and art. I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks brings.  

-Danielle L.

Columbus, OH


Exploring Repetition, Gestures and Space in 2D and 3D

Collaborative Workshop Reflections- BIMA Visual Arts and Dance

The first thing we did was to pretend to make a hat in an assembly line fashion in small groups. Then, in two larger groups, we turned that process into a machine with our bodies being the moving parts inside. After, we transferred the 3D movements on to 2D paper by drawing the positions in motion. We practiced repetition by doing the exact brush stroke with ink inside the shapes. We then filled in and outlined more shapes with 3 different colors of paint.

Repetition was a similar theme for both Visual Arts and Dance. As a warm-up, we were challenged to do the exact same movement five times and also do five completely different moves. On paper, we practiced that with a clean brush and then doing the same stroke over again.

It was amazing to see the movements being drawn on the paper from a person in real life. Also, layering and deciding which movements were on top of the others (constant) created a completely unique product.

Maggie D. and Danielle L. 


Below is a poem written by BIMA participant Tamar L.  (Creative Writing, Coral Springs, FL ) about her Jewish identity on her first day at the program.


“You wear long skirts and you wear long sleeves,

You can’t show your elbows or uncover your knees,

They shut you down as a woman, limit what you can do.”

I’ve heard everyone else define me as a Jew.


But very few know that it’s not quite that way,

I don’t walk around feeling shame every day.

I’m more than my body, much more than just skin,

I’m a mind and a heart, and I’ll gladly let you in.


Like Deborah, I am a wise woman.

Like Yael, I am a strong woman.

My clothes don’t hide me, but instead they reveal

What I’m like, how I think, what I inwardly feel.


As a Jewish woman, I question, inquire.

I try to teach others, to learn and inspire.

Tfilah – I connect to my G-d up above,

And I thank him for constantly showing me love.


B’zchut Nashim – they say we were the cause

That the Jews left enslavement against all the odds.

Bina Yetera – our understanding is deep,

In our minds, inspiration can easily seep.


So no, I don’t feel limited or oppressed,

It is covered like this that I feel at my best.

I’m an Eshet Chayil, special for what I do.

I’m a confident woman, an empowered Jew.