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App Design – Technology & Social Justice


Monday night, App Design had a special presentation by Ian Roy about Technology and Social Justice. Participants learned about the MakerLab, a place at Brandeis focusing on 3D printing and scanning.

First, they heard about what goes on in this space and then dove in on how 3D printing works and what applications this process has. Participants had the opportunity to see and touch a wide array of projects that were completed within the past year. These included prosthetic hands for children, 3D printed drones, shoes and more. They learned about the history of 3D printing as well as where this technology is heading in the future.

One major component of the presentation was examining the social and legal challenges that these technologies are creating. Participants discussed who really owns all of the designs that can be simply downloaded from the internet. What responsibilities do we have as people to use these discoveries to better our world? These are questions that right now do not have answers and much of it will be up to these future developers and trailblazers of technology.

App Design Boot Camp – Arrival!

Yesterday was arrival day for App Design Boot camp! Participants from all over the country and the world arrived by plane, train, and car and were greeted by our staff outside the residence halls.

Once the majority of the participants got here, we gathered in the shade and got to know each other. We loosened up and let some energy out with a game and then went on a tour of the campus.

After dinner, we played some “Bingo to get to know you”– created by our staff member Christine, met the faculty, organized ourselves by birthday without speaking, and finally had a discussion about what we expect as a community throughout our time here. A day full of introductions, new people and sights, and a lot of expectation for what’s to come!

– Residential staff Missy K.