A Redesign of Forgiveness

Low resolution prototype of a redesign of the forgiveness experience.
Low resolution prototype of a redesign of the forgiveness experience.

A little over a year ago we here at the Brandeis Design Lab had the honor of presenting at JEDCamp Boston, an in-person gathering of the vibrant online JEDLAB community. At JEDCamp we remixed the d.school’s “Redesign the Gift Giving Experience” into a redesign of forgiveness, an appropriate challenge as we were approaching the High Holidays.

This past year has been tremendous for the Design Lab. We’ve worked with multiple cohorts of high school students and educators, refined our approach to Design Thinking, redesigned a cemetery chapel, and even launched a pop-up food truck!

Still, we keep coming back to the resources for the redesign of forgiveness as the model for the work we do. Focused as much on empathy as on innovation and iteration, this activity gets to the heart of Design Thinking and what it means to be a Jewish in the modern world.

With Yom Kippur right around the corner, here are the resources from the redesigning forgiveness workshop for you to use, enjoy and be inspired by.

Redesigning Forgiveness Worksheet
Redesigning the Give Giving Experience Facilitator’s Guide 



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