App Design – The Windup and the Pitch

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On Wednesday App Design had the incredible opportunity to visit the Google offices in Boston. Our five groups (Hello World, Instruct, Braction, Words of Wisdom, Puzzle Me) presented their apps to a panel of four Google employees.

The groups introduced their idea and themselves, described the programs they used during the creation of their app, showed a demo of the website that corresponded with their app, and discussed future plans– some groups even presented a video that they created!


As a bonus, there was a sub-group of three participants that formed the night before and presented to the panel an app inspired by the 3-D Printing MakerLab here at Brandeis.



Following their presentations, each team received feedback from the panel. The panelists were impressed by the level of work accomplished in such a short amount of time and gave helpful recommendations about what these teams could do to improve on their concepts and designs. They also touched on some major points that really hit home with the groups, like how to create a design that is both user-friendly and stands out from all the other programs that already exist.

After the presentations, the participants were given a tour by a Google employee. They had a blast seeing the Boston “T” themed hallways lined with white boards and recreational spaces with games like life-size chess.

The tour ended with a photo and a strong feeling in the air of accomplishment. In less than ten days, participants created an idea for an app, designed and coded it, and presented it to one of the largest companies in the tech world. They all walked away with a well-deserved feeling of pride in the work they did.

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