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Being Lawyers

A note from Adam, a member of the residential team:

Today the mockers started the lessons out with a first-class lesson on cross examination. Their two guest instructors, David Bunis and Dan Rabinowitz are very succesful attorneys. We learned about them from the two participants who introduced them, David and Tori. This is part of a strategy to have the participants work on their public speaking by introducing the high profile speakers.

After a lesson on cross examination, David and Dan asked everyone to try it out with their very own mock trial case. Everybody had the chance to be a lawyer at some point during this lesson. Both lawyers gave every participant unique advice about what to improve and what to keep doing. Mr. Bunis and Mr. Rabinowitz were extremely impressed. Also, on their recommendation, all the participants are going to watch My Cousin Vinny. A must see for future lawyers.

The next guest is an expert on memory mapping. This is a key component to the case that the particpants are working on. Laced within this, we are learning about expert witnesses, what makes them experts and how to analyze scientific information within the context of a trial.
Although everyone seems incredibly motivated to work, there has been a lot of non-mock trial related fun as well. One local mocker woke up  early and asked his mom to bring over a basketball. Needless to say there have already been two rapid fast rounds of pre-breakfast and pre-lunch basketball (thanks, Mom!). Everyone is learning a lot from each other. At lunch we discussed cartoons, rugby, stanley kubrick, college, science, math history. All together, it’s a pretty cohesive group. Sometimes diversity makes the best glue.

Tonight we will be out on the town in Harvard Square. More updates to come from there.


Encounters at Brandeis introduces: Mock Trial Boot Camp!

Encounters at Brandeis University is excited to announce one of our new programs beginning this summer, Mock Trial Boot Camp!

Follow in the footsteps of Justice Louis Brandeis at Brandeis University’s Mock Trial Boot Camp. This boot camp is an intensive week for law buffs, whether you are a serious participant in high school mock trials competitions, or just love the excitement of legal dramas and popular cases!

The Mock Trial Boot Camp gives students who are interested in law, public policy, and leadership an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in legal analysis. Through a series of playful mini-trials, serious strategy sessions, and practical workshops, you will take your legal skills and understanding to a new level. Here’s your chance to tackle the issues with world-class attorneys, judges and law professors. Our final trial will be held in the Federal Courthouse in Boston.

Attorney Jason G. Happel, renowned mock trial coach and judge, will moderate the Boot Camp, welcoming an all-star cast from the Boston legal community. Jason’s practice focuses on family-oriented legal issues. He has taught a wide range of topics, including classical philosophy, comparative law and literature, and Shakespeare.

Encounters at Brandeis give teens an invaluable opportunity to meet young people from different backgrounds and cultures, and to learn with- and from- one another.

For more information about Mock Trial Boot Camp and other Brandeis High School Programs please visit our website here