Genesis Expeditions

Designed and facilitated by the Community Educators here at BIMA and Genesis, expeditions allow participants to explore a theme related to Judaism or the Jewish community. As I walked around campus this morning taking a peek at the expeditions, I saw the participants highly engaged in finishing up their expedition projects:

• designing an inclusive spiritual experience for the rest of the community;

• finishing their presentations of people in the Boston Jewish community who have had great impact on the community and who the participants interviewed last week;

• developing meditations to explore different emotions and connect them to Jewish text and experiences;

• editing a short film based on language and cultural issues that come up in the diverse cultural community of Genesis;

• working on projects related to the African refugees living in Israel, including storyboarding an online game that will be developed, writing a journalistic piece on the situation, and figuring out what possible political policies could be in dealing with the refugees

Genesis expedition Strangers in a Foreign Land explores the struggle of African refugees in Israel
Genesis expedition Strangers in a Foreign Land explores the experiences of African refugees in Israel

As the expeditions come to a close, the projects reflect a great deal of work and learning on the part of the Community Educators and the participants.

- Dvora Goodman, Senior Genesis Staff

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