Redesigning Forgiveness: An Introduction to Design Thinking

The BrandeisHSP Design Lab team* had a great time presenting an introduction to Design Thinking at this year’s JEDCamp Boston.

Design Thinking
Participants building their low-res prototypes

With a room full of Jewish educators, we remixed Stanford’s fantastic “Gift Giving Project”  and transformed  it into a  redesign of forgiveness (in honor of the High Holidays! ).

After framing the design challenge with a classic text from Maimonides, we dove into the Design Thinking process, immersing ourselves in each other’s experiences of forgiveness, brainstorming solutions and developing low-resolution prototypes.

If you’re interested in the “Redesigning Forgiveness” challenge, you can find the full worksheet below, as well as the facilitator’s guide from the challenge it was based on. Feel free to remix, experiment and tinker away, just let us know how you’ve used the worksheet!

Redesigning Forgiveness Worksheet
Redesigning the Give Giving Experience Facilitator’s Guide 


*The BrandeisHSP Design Lab is a partnership project of BrandeisHSP, CJP and The URJ. 

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