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Shabbat is a special experience at BIMA and Genesis. This summer we’re experimenting with Design Thinking. We empower our participants to identify the needs of their community and to design a Shabbat that serves those needs. They interview each other, then split into groups to organize chofesh (free time options), meals, kavanot (times for intentionality and reflection), havdalah (ceremony to end shabbat and welcome in the new week), community spaces and norms, limmud (study).

Participants spend Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings designing Shabbat, deciding what the activities will be, and preparing for everything. Kavanot options for Shabbat this summer have included:

  • Mechitza Minyan
  • Egalitarian Minyan
  • Yoga and Guided Meditation
  • Silent Room
  • Nature Walks
  • Silent Dance Party
  • Reform Service

The joyful capstone for a BIMA and Genesis Shabbat is Havdalah. Candles, spices, and singing fill the air as participants welcome in a new week.

Havdalah at Massell Quad

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